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Aug 7, 2017

NEW ARRIVAL of LED Flood Lights ( August 2017)

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New LED floodlights are arrived! LE has been committed to providing high quality and cost-effective LED floodlights,  and  the new arrivals  will not let you down. The following are the product details. There are two type of flood lights : 1. LED flood lights  2. Induction flood lights. 1.The LED flood lights. Range from 10W […]

Aug 5, 2017 outdoor string lighting

Outdoor string lighting To celebrate evening parties

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Summer is coming soon and that means time to enjoy evening activities is coming. A lot of preparation is needed for a successful party and one of the most important is lighting. There are a great variety of lights which can be used to decorate your party, such as outdoor string lighting. There are quite […]

Jul 30, 2017 led strip lighting

LED Strip Lighting for Illumination and Decoration in the House

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There are many places in a house that you can use LED strip lighting to decorate, such as the staircase or any irregular places unsuitable for common bulb lights. This is because LED strip lighting is flexible and rich of colors, quite suitable for illumination and decoration. In this article today, we will talk about […]

Jul 24, 2017 led recessed light bulbs

Have a greener life with LED recessed light bulbs

As natural resources have gone more and more limited, the promotion of changing to a greener life is becoming hotter and hotter. In fact, every household can contribute to energy saving and one of the easiest way is to replace traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs which are well-known for their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. […]

Jun 23, 2017

PRICE DROP Significantly – LED UFO BAY LIGHTS – Limited Stock!

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LE high quantity UFO bay lights  price drop, now is the best time to buy. There are 4 dimmable UFO LED high bay light on sale,  wattage range from 50W to 200W, ideal for commercial or industrial lighting, eg: warehouse, supermarkets, furniture store, gyms, garages, general task areas, and many other applications. Let me show […]