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A Guide to Buying a Perfect LED Spotlight

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  • September 18, 2013
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  • Base Configuration

There are two types of bases which are commonly used:GU10 and GU5.3.

The “G” base type of bulb is used to designate a “pinned” base.

GU 5.3

GU5.3 – “5.3” means that the pin to pin distance is 5.33mm.

GU 10

GU10 – “10” indicates that the distance between the two pins is 10mm.

  • Shape & Size

The most popular spotlight shapes are MR11 and MR16.

– “MR” is the abbreviation of multifaceted reflector.

– The number after “MR” stands for the diameter of the bulb’s shape. The diameter of MR11 is 35mm. The diameter of MR16 is 50mm.

  • Color

There are two colors of spotlight that are widely used: warm white and daylight white.


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  1. Kelly

    I think for LED PAR lamps and Spotlights, the beam angle is also an important factor when buying.


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