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As for Edison Bulbs, Is it Thomas Edison the Inventor of Light Bulbs

As for Edison Bulbs, Is it Thomas Edison the Inventor of Light Bulbs

edison bulbsAt the mention of Edison bulbs, the name of Thomas Edison would come into people’s mind. Indeed, this name is to commemorate Thomas Edison who was believed to have invented the first widely used light bulbs. However, the fact was experiment for bulbs had begun as early as 1802 and based on these former experiments, Edison got his invention and patented it in 1878. Then Edison bulbs came to spread.

Edison’s experiments involved a lot of materials and fabrication. Platinum was looked at as an option but soon enough it was noticed that it was very difficult to work with. It had a tendency to weaken up by the heat produced inside. On top of that it was very expensive to get and had very low resistance as well.

Edison then tried a material called filament, which proved to be a success as it burned for 14 hours straight. Edison kept on improving his design and making the best of his time. He then started making lamps which burned for days and showed the people. Edison then laid his eyes upon a carbonized filament which would prove to burn for 1200 hours straight, hence electric light was born and gained a lot of popularity. Later on Edison started producing and manufacturing these carbonized lamps.

edison bulbsEdison bulbs are bulbs which you can look directly at without hurting your eyes, they provide a vintage atmosphere to a room and are often used bare. Edison bulbs look different because the filament inside is usually stretched out, forming striped lines to be seen inside. Edison bulbs are usually used in restaurants to provide a more vintage and rustic atmosphere. Since the light is dimmer, it makes food look better, according to studies.

Edison bulbs are a piece of proper antique hardware and are expensive in today’s market. Mainly due to the reason of its branding and age, and also because people only keep them for show and not actual use as Edison bulbs are 90 percent heat and not light. So much heat is bad and reflects on the electric bill. For over 100 years the technology used is unchanged but there is no saying that it will not change.

Edison bulbs have weeded out gas lamps and brought convenience and modernity into our life. They have enhanced our lighting experience to a whole new level. Without Edison bulbs, we wouldn’t have such a colorful evening life. At the same time, Edison bulbs have laid the foundation for many new lighting products.


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