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Viola is an online marketer and LED consultant. She frequently offers suggestions and instant solutions to her clients for better lighting ideas and designs.

Mar 10, 2015 outdoor path lighting

Outdoor path lighting For illumination and beautification

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Outdoor path lighting is very important not only because you need proper lighting to see clearly the way leading to your home but also because it can leave those who come to visit a good first impression of your house. There is now various outdoor path lighting available for household use, and the following is […]

Mar 9, 2015 residential led light bulbs

Why Residential LED Light Bulbs are So Preferable

Many people now have chosen residential LED light bulbs instead of traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs in consideration of the many benefits that LED bulbs possess.  As more attention has been put to global warming and resource exhaustion, many new products have been invented to replace old ones. And the invention of residential LED light […]

Mar 6, 2015 small led bulbs

5 Reasons why small LED bulbs are preferable for your home

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Global warming is an international issue, and everyone can contribute their effort to this challenge. One of the ways is to use small LED bulbs which consume less energy and give off no harmful emissions. In fact, small LED bulbs do possess many other benefits, such as long life. These reasons have made it gain […]

Mar 6, 2015 outdoor lantern lights

Add lighting beauty to your home with outdoor lantern lights

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Outdoor lantern lights are not only something great to add beauty to your house but also something very practical to provide illumination for family members. These lights are portable and can be hung almost anywhere that you need them, thus very convenient to use. When it comes to the placement of lanterns at the outdoor […]

Mar 5, 2015

Don’t take residential street lights for granted

Residential street lights are a very common type of lighting in today’s metropolitan cities, not even unusual in small towns. Probably we see them every day that we tend to take them for granted, unaware of the many benefits that they bring. This article will have a brief introduction of them. Creating an Ambiance Everyone […]