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Jan 28, 2015 outdoor light

Outdoor light fixtures A brief introduction of the various types

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People install outdoor light fixtures for many reasons. The major reason is to give lighting so as to facilitate walking at night. Other reasons include highlighting a particular view, such as a tree, a flower bed; hindering strangers from breaking in and so on. There are a wide range of styles of outdoor light apparatuses […]

Jan 23, 2015 led car lights

LED Car Lights Give Your Car a Unique Style

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In comparison with traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LED (Light Emitting Diode) products possess many advantages, thus making them be able to seize market share at a rapid speed in different industries. Such is the case of LED car lights in the automotive industry. There are various types of LED car lights, such as headlights […]

Jan 22, 2015 led string lights outdoor

The various styles and characters of led string lights outdoor

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Led string lights outdoor is a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way to give your patio or garden or any outdoor corner an amazing look. If you are planning to hold an evening party, led string lights outdoor can definitely create the ambiance you want. This article is going to show the various designs and characters of […]

Jan 21, 2015 mr16 bulb

A Useful Guide about MR16 Bulb

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The invention of electricity and bulb has completely changed the world and the way we live. And different types of bulbs have come into use, including incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, and the latest invention is LED bulbs. MR16 bulb is one member of the big LED family with MR short for Multifaceted Reflector. The reflector […]

Jan 20, 2015 led spotlight bulb

Why LED spotlight bulb is more preferable than a halogen one

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Many people are familiar with halogen bulb, but not their new counterpart, LED spotlight bulb. Spotlights are usually used to accentuate an item, for example, a picture hung on the wall or a delicate vase placed on the table. With the advancement of LED technology, LED spotlight bulb has become more affordable though some people […]

Jan 19, 2015 outdoor wall lighting

Things to keep in mind when purchasing outdoor wall lighting

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Many households have preferred to use outdoor wall lighting because of the many benefits it brings. The installation of¬†outdoor wall lighting in gardens or along pathways facilitates walking at night. In addition, outdoor wall lighting also enhances home surrounding safety. This article is going to introduce the benefits of outdoor wall lighting and things to […]