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Mar 12, 2015 residential outdoor lighting

Six tips to teach you how to do residential outdoor lighting

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We all know the impact of indoor lighting on our life quality, and now many people have realized the importance of outdoor lighting. In fact, residential outdoor lighting can bring many benefits, such as enhance home security at night, and highlight a particular landscape. The following is some tips about how to do residential outdoor […]

Mar 11, 2015 residential solar lighting

Residential solar lighting for a green life

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As energy consumption is a big issue today, many actions have been taken to conserve natural resources. In fact, there are many forms of green energy available, for example, wind energy and solar energy. By changing to residential solar lighting, every household can contribute to saving resources. Solar power lights are stand-alone sources as they […]

Mar 10, 2015 outdoor path lighting

Outdoor path lighting For illumination and beautification

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Outdoor path lighting is very important not only because you need proper lighting to see clearly the way leading to your home but also because it can leave those who come to visit a good first impression of your house. There is now various outdoor path lighting available for household use, and the following is […]

Mar 6, 2015 outdoor lantern lights

Add lighting beauty to your home with outdoor lantern lights

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Outdoor lantern lights are not only something great to add beauty to your house but also something very practical to provide illumination for family members. These lights are portable and can be hung almost anywhere that you need them, thus very convenient to use. When it comes to the placement of lanterns at the outdoor […]

Mar 5, 2015 residential outside lighting

Guide you to choose the right residential outside lighting

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Residential outside lighting is indispensable if you want to increase household security and exhibit your gorgeous home surroundings. Moreover, it can also bring a lot convenience, for example, providing light for an evening walk. Therefore, residential outside lighting has become quite popular among household using lights. The number-one distinction in Residential outside lighting from interior […]