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Jan 29, 2015 light bulb sizes

Things to keep in mind when selecting light bulb sizes for children

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Children’s lighting requirement is different from that of adults so we should be careful in selecting the appropriate light bulb sizes. As lighting has significant impact on children’s growth and health, such as affecting their sleeping quality, parents should have a good understanding of their children’s particular needs. To dispel children’s scare of darkness, lighting […]

Jan 27, 2015 solar outdoor lights

Solar outdoor lights A worthy investment for every household

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Solar outdoor lights are a very cost-effective lighting method for every household. They are a perfect choice to save money on electricity while provide lighting for outdoor activities, such as an evening party. As summer is coming, we’d better think about solar outdoor lights ahead of time. In fact, these lights have a lot of […]

Jan 23, 2015 colored light bulbs

Colored light bulbs Add charm to wedding ceremonies

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Wedding is one of the most significant moments in our lifetime; therefore, we all try our best to celebrate this blissful moment. Just imagine the scene: the bride, worn that perfect silk dress and got on her best jewelry, holding the flower, walks gracefully towards the bridegroom. How exciting is that! Of course, to make […]

Jan 12, 2015 batteries and bulbs

To enhance lighting experience with high quality batteries and bulbs

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Batteries and bulbs are daily items, indispensable to every household. As they are common to see on the market, customers may feel confused about what to choose. However, high quality batteries and bulbs can not only save our efforts of replacement but also save money. Lighting ever, dedicated to enhancing every household’s lighting experience, provides […]