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Do You Really Know What Kind of Light Colours are Suitable for Your Room?

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  • April 25, 2014
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First, we need to know what is the light colour and what is colour temperature?

The colour temperature( CT) is the colour of the light that would result if you heated a “black body” (piece of suitable metal) to that temperature (Tc). Put it in a easiest way, colour temperature is the degree of warmness or coolness of a light source, measured in Kelvin (°K). It will change from the different type of bulbs, different materials and different lamp coverage.


Colour temperature measured in Kelvin degrees (k), if the Kelvin degree is low that means the light colour is more like warm white. If it’s high, the light colour is more like daylight white. In our daily life, the colour temperature of our common light source is generally from 2700k to 6500k. The light colour within that range can be classified as warm white, neutral white and daylight white.

PS: The colour temperature of industrial lighting and car lighting will more than 7000k. When the colour temperature is higher than 6500k, the light colour of it is cold light.

colour temperature

Then how to choose colour temperature and light colour rightly?

Colour temperature can affect the light environment. Different light colour can create different atmosphere or mood. So how to choose the perfect colour temperature and light colour is important when buying lights.

You can refer to the form as follow:

choose the right light colour


Some tips when choosing colour temperature

1. Warm white is more the like colour of the sunset, can create a cosy, warm and comfortable atmosphere easily. LED bulb of 2700k and spotlight of 3000k are perfect for bedroom.

2. Daylight white can create a vigour inspiring mood, for living room, the colour temperature from 5000k to 6500k is more common.

3. When you are buying bulbs, you can try using warmer lighting for the indoors, recommended colour temperature is 2500k to 4000k. And try whiter lighting for the outdoors, recommended colour temperature is 5000k to 7000k.

4. European and American families are usually prefer to use the yellow light, but in Asia, especially East Asia, people are more like to use the daylight white.

5. Usually in the high temperature region, people will choose the light that the colour temperature is higher than 4000k, while in the low temperature region, people will choose the colour temperature which is lower than 4000k.

6. Remember to choose higher colour temperature in a large place that with a lot of people.

colour temperature affect our life


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