Home Improvement GuideHave a greener life with LED recessed light bulbs
Have a greener life with LED recessed light bulbs

Have a greener life with LED recessed light bulbs

led recessed light bulbsAs natural resources have gone more and more limited, the promotion of changing to a greener life is becoming hotter and hotter. In fact, every household can contribute to energy saving and one of the easiest way is to replace traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs which are well-known for their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. There are various LED lights, such as LED recessed light bulbs, under cabinet lighting and so many others.
Lighting Ever is an Internet company who has provided quality and affordable light fixtures for thousands of homes for several years now. They have a variety of LED light bulbs that offer different features and wattages to fit your every need. Among their products are LED bulbs, Commercial lighting, Ceiling lights, Outdoor Lighting, LED Strip, Lamps, Flashlight, LED Grow lights, LED Car lights, and also accessories.
There are basically three types of fixed lights which are:
•    Recessed lights- it is the type of bulb where the protective housing is concealed, usually behind a wall. It can also be behind the ceiling and the one mounted on the ceiling is called a down light. LED down lights are available in different sorts and kinds at lightingever.com and they come in special prices so hurry and check them out.
•    Surface-mounted light- some good examples are chandeliers and emergency lights and even pendant lights. It is basically where the finished housing is exposed or mounted with the light. At lightningever.com, you will have a full range of choices of crystal chandeliers and various stylish lights.
•    Outdoor lighting and Landscape lighting- they are used to light parking lots, walkways, hallways of buildings, gardens and parks. Lighting ever offers several outdoor lighting products which are:
–    Flood lights
–    LED work lights
–    LED Camping lanterns
–    Wall Pack lights
–    LED Street lights
–    Solar Wall lights
–    LED Pool lights

led recessed light bulbsReasons why LED lights are better:
If you’re not yet convinced on using LED bulbs and lighting for your own home, here are some very useful reasons why you should:
•    Energy-efficient- more efficient than the incandescent light because it only loses 20% of its energy to heat and the 80% left is used for lighting, whereas an incandescent light, it is completely the opposite. Due to its unrefined state, the incandescent light gives up as much as 80% to heat and only leaves 20% for light consumption.
•    Lasts longer- can last over 100,000 hours which is about 11 years of brightness.
•    Safe for everybody- with just 20% lost to heat, these bulbs remain cool and are durable due to its solid-state construction which eliminates broken glass and burnt finger.
•    Silent- it runs on smoothly without any sound emitting from it. It does not run on any engine or age old wiring so it is practically on silent all the time.
•    Lights up in seconds- unlike other types of light, it lights up in microseconds.
LED lights are in possession of many advantageous characters. Once changed to them, you will be able to enjoy the many benefits they bring. Just to be prudent, you can change some of your old lights to LED lights to have a try, for example, change your ceiling lights with LED recessed light bulbs. Once tried, you are going to make up your mind to get more!


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