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How to install 100W LED flood lights outdoor

How to install 100W LED flood lights outdoor

LED flood lights are ideal for outdoor and indoor lighting projects, today we talk about waterproof 100W LED flood lights, they come with IP65/IP66 rating, can be widely used in outdoor lighting projects as billboards, show windows, gardens, patio, court to provide bright light.The next is how to install 100W LED flood lights outdoor guide.

110° beam-100W LED flood lights
100W led flood lights with 110° beam angle
120° beam-100W led flood lights
100W LED Ultra Slim Flood Lights
100W LED Ultra Slim Flood Lights








Step 1: You need to choose a installation location

Before you start installing flood lights, you need to think about a few issues:
How many lights do you need and how do you want to assign their location?
Which direction you want the light to come from? And do you want the 100W LED flood lights to be installed high or on the ground?
After you get answers for these question, you can go to the next step.

Step 2: Find nearby power source and turn off it

Find a nearby power source which you can run wiring to the outside for the new lights.
Please make sure the circuit can handle the additional load from the new flood lights. If the power source can’t stand the maximum with the new lights, you will have to use a different power source or install a new circuit for the floodlight.
To avoid any potential electrical hazards, turn off your electricity from the main switch.

Step 3: Connect wire at the nearest electricity outlet

Find the nearest outlet to your desired location of the 100W LED flood lights, then open the face of the outlet using the screwdriver and attach the wires to the side screws. Make sure that you match the colors of the wire while doing so: black goes with black and white with white.

Step 4: Connect the wire to 100W LED flood lights outdoor

Take the wire from the switch to the flood light, matching the colors of the wires as before( you can keep the wire with the wall using wire clips). If you need to extend the wire by attaching a new piece, make sure you cap and tape the connection.

Step 5: Try the 100W LED flood lights out

Check on the wiring to see if everything is in place, them turn on the main power switch to test if the wiring is working properly.
After you complete all these steps, you could have your 100W LED flood lights outdoor working in no time.


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