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The Most Popular Awesome Intelligent Bike Lights

The Most Popular Awesome Intelligent Bike Lights

Groups of people in Europe and America developed a lot of LED products around the topic of intelligent bike light. Then how about these LED products and intelligent bike lights? Here I will introduce eight eye-catching and popular intelligent bike lights to you.

Firstly I want say that besides some amazing designs, Bluetooth4.0, mobile APP, GPS, LED navigation, LED floodlight and long life battery are common when we tailking about intelligent bike light and uasally most of them are waterproof.
Now, it’s time to see those amazing bike lights.

1. Revolights bike lighting system

bike light

Different from the traditional bike light, revolights are installed on the circle of the bike tyre. It looks super cool when you are riding the bike. And this light will work with the accelerometer and GPS, so it can do the lighting based on the different speed. To ensure the safety, the light of it is 360°visible and is much brighter than some normal bike lights. It can charge with the USB, after the full charge, you can put it in use for about 4 hours.

2. MAGNETIC Bike Light

bike light-1

It looks like a simple design, right? But the team of Copenhagen takes 18 months to finish it! They spent couples of month to make sure that this light can be attached stably to the different frames of bikes. On the base of this bike light have a magnet, just attached here, this light can fixed on the bike and give out light automatically.

3. Helios Bars

bike light-2

It has rich content. Used LED headlight which is five times stronger than the ordinary light, cornering signal light, built-in GPS, bluetooth4.0, mobile APP connection, with all these amazing functions, it can really impress you a lot. You can choose the riding route, and the cornering signal light will guide you to rid in the right route, you can also locate your bike and when you are approching it,it will give out light to show itself to you automatically, you can see you riding route by the mibile APP and so on. What a intelligent bike light!

4. BLAZE Bike Light

bike light-3

Have you played laser light? This light is a little similat to laser light. When you are riding, this blazr bike light will project a laser pattern 5-6 meters ahead to inform the ahead cars or bikes that you are riding behind. And it have the super bright LED light to ensure the brightness.

5. Blink/Steady bike light


bike light-4

Blink/Steady are a Brooklyn based company who create lights which use a motion sensor to turn on and off automatically. When the bike began to move this light will turn on and when the bike stop to move, this light will turn off.  If you keep the light flashing, the battery can work for about 200 hours. And if at the full bright, the battery can only work 80 hours. The design of this bike light is simple but beautiful. It has black and white those two colours.
6. Hammerhead

bike light-5

This is the first intelligent social bike light in the world. Through the bluetooth, it can can connect with mbile app. (work both on ISO and Android.) When you finished a nice riding route, you can share this route with your friends. This cool intelligent light can record the whole process of your riding, like the time of leaving and arriving, the average speed and the higest speed, the distance from destination and so on. The haedlight on the front is the specail design for night riding.

7. Multifunctional navigational bike light
bike light-6
It have the exclusive APP, can connect with smart phone throght bluetooth. If you set a destination on this mobile APP, it will choose the best route for you, and send the map informtion of this route to the bike light, then during the riding, this intelligent light will inform you to convert direction and infrom you the dangerous places and limited speed by signal light and voice information. In addition, by bluetooth, you can use your phone to manipulate it and to play musics.

8. Orp Smart Hor

Bike light-7
This Orp light perfectly combined the bike light and horn. the website KICKSTARTER desceribed it like “ Make you more obivously to be seen and to be heared on the traffic flow.” It’s small, and handy. It can superlatively reach to 96 decibels and has a lot of beautiful colours. It will blink fastly with super bright light. Of course this will only happy when the traffic flow is chaotic. Charging of it is pretty easy, plug it with USB and wait for a white then it will get full charged.


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  1. Nice products. I wonder if these are already available here in the Philippines. We’ve got so many bikes here.

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