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LED Lighting Creates Dazzling Aura for the 2014 World Cup

LED Lighting Creates Dazzling Aura for the 2014 World Cup

The much-anticipated 2014 world Cup will be officially opened in Brazil on June, 12. Now all eyes have focused on the World Cup, which comes once every four years. Not only has each country’s team become the focus of public discussion, but the football stadium in each term also has become an eye catcher.
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The 2014 World Cup will be held in the Maracanã Stadium of Rio de Janeiro. This World Cup will use the world’s leading LED lighting technology which will make the Maracanã Stadium that under the high attention of people from all over the world sparkling and become more beautiful. This lighting project is decided from the construction company of the Brazilian Government, and formulated from Rio de Janeiro construction company and the world-class international lighting company.
LED lighting for the World Cup

The basic requirement of this lighting project is as follow: The stadium and the field of play should have a uniform lighting without any shadows which to ensure that at the situation of maximum visibility, the spectators can see any part of the field. This requirement can not only ensure the competition of the players, but also ensure the view of spectators and of course can make sure the high definition retransmission of television.

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In addition, the lighting equipment will focus the quality light on the play field, and control the formation of flicker and shadows.

EF2000 high-power cast light is suitable for sports stadiums, track, outdoor parking lot, entertainment area, the appearance of architectural, port, airport tarmac and some large outdoor area. The lighting system was worked for Riverbank Arena where 2012 Olympic hockey game was held there. And the EF2000 high-power cast light was also worked for many sports stadiums in America, Europe and Latin America. This lighting system is dimmable and can create different effects of light. It can restart within 2 seconds. LED Lighting system with lower consumption will use lower operating cost. A lot of outdoor stadiums are starting to use LED lights.

Maracanã Stadium is becoming the second tourist hot spots of Rio de Janeiro because of the 2014 World Cup and the coming 2016 Olympics opening ceremony.

It is worth mentioning that, as early as the 2010 South Africa World Cup, the stadium had already begun to use LED flood lighting.

In Moses Mabhida Stadium of Durban, a perfect lighting system was successfully developed and implemented. Moses Mabhida Stadium spent 4.005 billion rands (1yuan =1046101 South Africa rands) on purchase of LED lighting, becoming “the most prestigious” LED sourcing project in South Africa.

While the Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town shows how LED makes stadiums look particularly distinctive—LED, with its high quality white light, depicts the ups and downs of the waves, which is smart and vibrant. That’s the exact way how South Africa reveals its richness. In this type of application, many advantages of Power Top LED and Golden Dragon Plus series diodes will give their best play. For demanding lighting designers, the durability, efficiency and colour fidelity of each LED are the main reasons for them to opt for this extraordinary light-emitting diode technology.

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