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LED Lighting Strips to Decorate Christmas Holiday

LED Lighting Strips to Decorate Christmas Holiday

led lighting stripsAs the rising star of the lighting world, LED lights are gaining more and more popularity, which is the same of LED lighting strips. With Christmas being just around the corner, LED lighting strips can be used in a wide range of places, for example, decorating Christmas tree or the fence or staircases. The following has listed different kinds of LED lighting strips.
•    Aluminum LED strip lights
•    Self-adhesive LED strip lights
•    LED light bars
•    LED rope (Encased flexible strip lights)
•    LED ribbons (Non-encased flexible strip lights)
As it is, without the simplest idea of what you need and why, you might end up compromising on quality with your LED lighting strips. Using LED lighting strips brings forth a load of benefits which includes:
•    Long life-span (durability)
•    Low electricity consumption
•    Don’t produce too much heat
•    Are shock resistant
•    Are easy to program and control
•    Are flexible and can be used in a variety of ways

Here are factors to consider while buying LED lighting strips:-
The size and type of LED involved – Both of these factors determine the LED’s brightness or performance. The higher the technology with the LED and the bigger in size it is, the brighter it will be.
The Strip’s flexibility- This is a high determinant while selecting LED lighting strips. For instance, while rigid strips are excellent for the replacement of florescent bulbs there is nothing you’re limited to doing with the same either.
The carrying capacity- With strips possessing a generally low carrying capacity, heavy-duty lighting strips are often used for commercial use in factories and on ships and profiles for home use where carrying capacity is prime.
The No. of LED’s contained in a meter strip- Here, with the higher number of LED’s there is, the brighter the strip will be. However, hosting extreme numbers of LED’s within the same meter often requires unique technology such as double width strips where the LED’s are rather placed in rows next to each other.
led lighting stripsVoltage – The voltage of the LED strips matters and should always be checked prior to application. Most LED strips require connection to a transformer as they run on low voltage usually the ranges of 12-24 v. In case your strips require a transformer, better ensure that it is LED compatible as often times electric transformers tend to ruin LEDs.
IP Rating – This aspect on LED lighting strips indicates the degree of protection guaranteed against foreign intrusion of solid objects such as body parts, accidental contact, dust and water in electrical compartments. In case you plan to install lighting strips in humid areas or under water then your option need to be completely waterproof for best application. Led lighting strips which are 100% water proof possess an IP rating of 68.
It is always important for us to have a brief understanding about something before we buy it. The above information about LED lighting strips targets at helping customers find the most suitable LED lighting strips for their use. Therefore, time to enjoy the holiday decoration!


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