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Europe and North America Fully Open LED Streetlight Replacement Plan

Europe and North America Fully Open LED Streetlight Replacement Plan

Starting in 2014, Europe and the United States began phasing out the 40-60W incandescent bulb—the best selling product in the civilian market, and will replace traditional incandescent bulbs with LED lighting products, a move that will further drive up the global penetration rate of LED lighting. Besides, thanks to U.S.

Government’s increasing support for the LED lighting, plus with the rapid growth of Energy Star lighting subsidy, LED lighting price are further reduced.

In EU areas with relatively mature markets, there is not large-scale subsidy policy, but its high electricity prices, as well as cultural differences, make outdoor commercial lighting and architectural lighting applications a persistent demand. And in the next few years, with the impact of incandescent comprehensive policy ferment, we forecast that the market will maintain steady growth trend.

Under this situation, relevant industry bodies in this field conducted a survey to predict how long it will take to replace the traditional lighting with LED lighting. The result shows that the insiders are very optimistic to this time schedule. Most of them believe that within three years, the replacement ratio will reach 20%, up to 50% in 3-5 years, and after 10 years, or up to 80%.

At this point, from various European and American countries, also came the news that many governments plan to replace the traditional street lamp with the LED Street light uniformly.

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In the Town of Hope Mills, the Wangshan Public Works Department replaced all traditional street lamps with LED bulbs to make the town look brighter, since LED Street lamp produces less light spot, enabling both pedestrians and drivers to see the street more clearly. What’s more, LED bulbs not only reduce energy and maintenance costs, but also have a longer lifespan, which makes the residents in the Town of Hope Mills extremely delighted.

And Hudson, also with the Government’s support, has gradually replaced the traditional street lamp with durable, efficient, energy-saving LED lights. In addition, starting from the spring of 2014, Hudson will increase new LED Street lights along the State Road 91, too. The $800000 project will be divided into two steps. Step 1 is to complete the lamp replacement from Barlow Road to Georgetown Road; and step 2 is to finish the replacement between Georgetown and the Norton Road intersection next year. A property owner, Dubetz said “Although the lamp replacement is a long process of paying out, but in the long run, because of the low energy costs, it is still more cost-effective. Moreover, after replacing LED lights, the lighting is even better than ever, for it looks more natural.”

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The successful installation of the LED street lighting at Plainview Street, become a milestone in Detroit. Now 4600 lights LED street lights have been installed in the East and Northwest sides of two demonstration areas of Detroit. A resident named Marie Hall stated, “You don’t need to worry about the coming of the night, because at night, from your house, you can see a better light.” Police Chief James Craig said that a much brighter Detroit will help them perform their public security job better,” criminals don’t like light, but we love the light. Thanks to the light, whenever we find a criminal activity, we can arrest these criminals easily. “Detroit lighting authorities will endeavour to complete the LED lamps replacement plan according to the ZIP code, and the goal is, at the end of 2015, LED street lamps light up all the blocks.

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