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Jan 19, 2015 energy saving light bulbs

LED Energy Saving Light Bulbs Contribute to Environmental Protection

Today there are a lot of activities and organizations promoting we should go eco-friendly. In fact, to protect our living environment and reserve natural resources is really significant and urgent. However, many people think this is what governments and industries should think about. Actually, everyone could contribute to environmental protection, and it can be as […]

Jan 19, 2015 outdoor wall lighting

Things to keep in mind when purchasing outdoor wall lighting

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Many households have preferred to use outdoor wall lighting because of the many benefits it brings. The installation of outdoor wall lighting in gardens or along pathways facilitates walking at night. In addition, outdoor wall lighting also enhances home surrounding safety. This article is going to introduce the benefits of outdoor wall lighting and things to […]

Jan 16, 2015 led headlights bulbs

LED headlights bulbs Characteristics, pros and cons

Having a car is convenient, but to have a nice driving, safety must be placed first. It’s comparatively easy to drive on the main roads of big cities because they have high quality road conditions; however, when driving in some remote areas, bumpy roads can’t be avoided. This is especially dangerous when you have to […]

Jan 16, 2015 outdoor string lights

Outdoor string lights An exquisite addition to home surroundings

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Outdoor string lights are a great addition to home decoration. Encircling trees along the path with some dazzling outdoor string lights not only benefits in illumination but also adds beauty in addition to providing security. There are now various types of outdoor string lights available; therefore, a basic understanding about these types will save your […]

Jan 15, 2015 led pool lighting

Light up pools with fancy looking and functional LED pool lighting

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Swimming is not only funny but also beneficial for our health. Speaking of swimming, we can’t avoid the topic of pool lighting as lighting is important in enhancing safety and aesthetic enjoyment. LED pool lighting has become many people’s favorite as a result of their energy efficiency and color varieties. In fact, compared with traditional […]

Jan 15, 2015 color changing led llight bulb

The Working Principle of the Colour Changing LED Light Bulb

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Colour changing LED light bulb can be seen on many occasions, for example, weddings and birthday parties. This is because colour changing LED light bulb is very convenient to use, and their variety of color changes can create hilarious or romantic ambiance, easy to cheer people up. But how come these bulbs can change colors? […]