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The Unique Features of LED Puck Lights

The Unique Features of LED Puck Lights

led puck lightsPuck lights, which have enjoyed wide popularity in many houses, are a kind of lights to provide proper lighting to illuminate the inside of cabinets. The latest invention in this kind of light is LED puck lights which often appear in round shapes. Anyone who has been fed up with finding things in dark cabinets will understand the importance of puck lights. And LED puck lights not only can provide proper lighting but also can enhance beauty according to some special lighting requirements.
Using puck lights with LED bulbs gives users an opportunity to select the lighting fixtures according to their preferred color temperatures. When looking to buy these types of puck lights, one can select those that emit a glowing light that is warm and white in color. On the other hand, they have an option of selecting those that give out cooler white light with a bluish color. However, if you prefer puck lights with LED bulbs that are dimmable, those are available in online stores and those at physical locations as well.  Apart from being sold in varied color temperatures, the cost attached to puck lights also differs and is usually based on the quality of the lighting fixture and the number of lights being purchased.
led puck lightsSome of the unique features of puck lights with LED bulbs include:
First, these lights are designed in such a way that their installation does not require the use of electrical wires. This makes them ideal for spaces that have been rented out or in situations where wiring would be costly in the short term.
Second, majority of puck lights designs have a switch that allows you to put it on and off easily. In some cases, the switch has a dimmer which allows you to change the ambience of the space in which they have been placed by making the light a bit dim.
Third, the LED bulbs used in the puck lights do not heat up like the common xenon bulbs which make it possible for them to be used in kitchen cabinets. Nevertheless, they still give out enough lighting to illuminate the space within which they have been placed.
Fourth, the lights are battery powered which saves on electricity costs that could go higher if combined with other lighting fixtures in the home. Furthermore, the use of batteries in puck lights makes them an ideal alternative for back up lighting in case power fails.
All in a word, LED puck lights have many advantages and are very easy to install. Besides, they have no UV or IR radiation so you won’t worry about food or delicate items being damaged by the lighting. So why not have a try of them? You will find these LED puck lights cute and useful.


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