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Things to keep in mind when selecting light bulb sizes for children

Things to keep in mind when selecting light bulb sizes for children

light bulb sizesChildren’s lighting requirement is different from that of adults so we should be careful in selecting the appropriate light bulb sizes. As lighting has significant impact on children’s growth and health, such as affecting their sleeping quality, parents should have a good understanding of their children’s particular needs. To dispel children’s scare of darkness, lighting is indispensable, but considering its impact on children, parents should choose the right light bulb sizes.

Light Bulb Types
CFL Bulbs
CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lamp is an energy saving light bulb. It uses the fluorescent tube technology that saves maximum electricity costs. Currently, this is the most widely used light bulb all over the world. You can select the same for kid’s room.
Halogen Light Bulbs
Halogen bulbs are basically a high technology edition of incandescent filament light bulb. In 1879, this technology was invented by Thomas Edison. Halogens have great efficiency and generally save around 30 percent in total electrical costs. One more thing about these bulbs is that it can be dimed according to the requirements.
light bulb sizesLED Bulbs
LEDs have become the most preferred light bulbs due to efficiency of energy saving. LED provides around 90 percent electricity saving than conventional light bulbs. LEDs also have longer life, and since they consume less energy, CO2 emissions are also lower that make it the green or eco friendly light choice. It has higher technology look.

Essential Factors to Keep in Mind
•    You must keep important things like age of your kid in mind, while selecting light bulb for their room. If your child is in school, his lighting needs are different from the small kids. The lighting requirements in your baby’s room start growing with their age.
•    You can keep a decorative lamp with correct lighting in your kid’s room. However; today people prefer track lighting in their children’s room as they are more adjustable and lighter.
•    Your kid’s interest and personality also plays an important role in choosing the correct light in their room. So you must know about the same.
Kids may show preference towards a particular color or any specific animals. For example, girls may like the pink color while boys choose the blue. So you can install lights around a picture of a pink rabbit for girls while lights around a picture of a vast sea for boys. In a word, keep light bulb sizes in mind when selecting lights for your children.


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