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To Create Romantic Ambience with LED Tea Lights

To Create Romantic Ambience with LED Tea Lights

led tea lightsLED Tea Lights: the Flameless Candles

LED tea lights are an up-and-coming method of alternative candle lighting. They are completely flameless, lending a safer feature to ambient lighting, instead using a silicone flame to give a similar feel to the product. LED tea lights are battery powered, and use light emitting diodes (LEDs). LEDs have become a leading lighting technology, providing long-lasting and realistic light. There are numerous benefits that come with using these pseudo-candles, from safety to affordability and durability. Many venues these days can no longer have real candles, including churches and community centers, due to the fire hazard. With flameless, no heat LED lights, it is once again possible.
LED tea lights have similar function of candle lighting which is to create romantic ambience, but they are safer because LED tea lights do not have flame, thus eliminating the possibility of causing fire. This is a kind of advanced lighting technology which has been used in many places to replace traditional lights. LED technology provides more natural lighting, thus making the surrounding items look more realistic. Besides, they do bring many other benefits, such as low energy cost, durability.

LED Lights

led tea lightsLEDs are highly versatile in their use. They can be found in medical offices, car lights and flashlights. People use them to light their homes and offices. LED lights provide more than enough illumination for outdoor and indoor lighting needs. The equivalent of a 3 Watt LED light is a 25 Watt halogen light. They produce a lower level of heat, which means saving energy and money in the long run. Overall, they are energy efficient, shock proof, live longer and provide an even spread of light that makes the eyes more comfortable.

Why Choose LED Tea Lights

LED tea lights are perfect for in home use for anyone seeking the ambient lighting provided by lit candles. They can be grouped together, and strategically placed, to give your home that flickering, comfortable lighting that is usually only possible with a candle. These kinds of tea lights provide a quality, flickering LED light that is programmed to flicker through a “random” cycle, giving the appearance of a realistic flame. They are built for daily, casual use and are generally pretty affordable.
Lit LED technology offers non-heating light, reducing the chance of a fire to zero. The light is long-lasting, and if coupled with an eco-friendly battery, the tea light can run for up to 80 hours or more. The light itself offers 50,000 hours of lifespan. Children, pets and guests will be far safer, not to mention the area will be far cleaner, with no messy wax drips to clean up. The tea light is shock proof, with an LED chip that is strong and nearly unbreakable.
Candles are indispensable as for creating a romantic dinner with lovers. To make everything perfect, definitely you don’t want to get them knocked over accidentally or blown off by some gentle breeze. With common candles, these can’t be avoided; but LED tea lights have ruled out all these disturbers. If you have children, LED tea lights can also ensure you to have pleasant ambience lighting for holidays without worrying about children knocking them over. All in all, LED tea lights are for fun and enjoyment.


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